AUFC 12 Days of Christmas Fundraiser

AUFC 12 Days of Christmas Fundraiser

The Airdrie Urban Farm Collective is a diverse collective growing the wellness of people and the land for our community. Our 2022 season was a huge success, bringing in more volunteers than ever, fresh food to our tables, and an abundance of learning through trial and error. We have thrived on volunteers, donations, and hard work to get to where we are so far!!

We are looking to our city now to help us grow for next year. We are excited to bring to you the AUFC 12 Days of Christmas- a way for us to dream, hope, spread the word, and build upon what we have to thrive in 2023!

12 Days of Christmas at AUFC (now get the melody in your head and sing along as we dream big for our little farm 😉

On the 12 Days of Christmas at AUFC…… we need

1 Greenhouse for our seedlings

2 Watertotes

3 Bags of Soil

4 Bags of chicken feed

5 Laying hens

6 Park Benches

7 Bags of Seeds

8 Berry Bushes

9 Birdhouses Hanging

10 Fruit Trees blooming

11 Volunteers weeding

12 Yards of Compost

You get the idea… we need things for our farm to continue thriving, and we have done everything so far with donations and volunteers, and the results have been so life-giving to the community. Your financial contributions will serve to help in countless ways.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to fund the farm for 2023 on Gofundme!

We ask you to please consider our little farm for your donations this year, and we promise you will see the fruits of your giving (pun intended) quite literally… with some sun, weeding, and watering next year 😉

Here is a little more of who we are and what we have done.

Started in 2021, the Airdrie Urban Farm Collective (AUFC) was a small group of people wanting to make a difference in our community by teaching people how to grow food and tend to the earth in our city. The land was flat, full of holes, and didn’t have much life thriving. It could not be more different today! We have had chickens through the summer months, schools visiting to learn and work, and so many families seeing for the first time how delicious fresh-grown food could make it to their tables.

Our second season came to a close with such vibrancy and success we knew it was time to start planning on a larger scale for the 2023 spring and summer seasons! We dream of having more seeds, more dirt, more animals, and more garden beds to continue growing and tending to as a collective.

Find us on Facebook and Instagram under the Airdrie Urban Farm Collective, and please message us there if you have any questions!

The AUFC team is working hard to become a registered nonprofit organization, and your donations will help us continue this process!!

Our 12 Days of Christmas is now Finished! Thanks so much for the help for our 2023 growing season!

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