Thank you Bluegrass Garden Centre!

Thank you Bluegrass Garden Centre!

This week Bluegrass Garden Centre donated and delivered a truck load of compost, a truck load of garden soil, and all the seed potatoes we need for this year! This is a HUGE deal for us, as we would never be able to afford this on our own.

This donation will allow us to build 3 brand new farm beds, and put a thick layer of good, healthy compost on all our existing beds. We grow using organic, regenerative methods using no chemicals of any kind. So our nutrient input comes from chicken manure fertilizer, rotational cover cropping, nutrient foliar sprays, and compost. Since chicken manure and foliar sprays don’t supply all a plants nutritional needs and we can’t cover crop our beds every year, we’re dependent on a good supply of compost.

From personal experience in our own gardens, the Bluegrass Garden Centre garden soil and compost is VERY nutrient rich and capable of high yields. Our goal is to double the amount of food we can donate to the food bank this year, as well as ensure our volunteers go home weekly with healthy food for their families.

If you’ve never been to Bluegrass Garden Centre before, you should take a peek! Even before they donated to us, we felt they were one of the best garden centres around, and with their selection of home and yard décor, play structures, tree and shrub selection, Bluegrass is a one stop shop (with very reasonable prices!) for your summer shopping. They’re located just south of Crossiron mall, between Airdrie and Calgary.

Thanks Bluegrass!

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